Charlie O'Donnell
Investment Analyst, GM Asset Management--Private Market Investments

Fordham University (CBA '01)
Finance Major, Econ/Managerial Acctg. Double Minor

Charlie is uniquely positioned to give valuable advice to college students on figuring out what they want and how to pursue it. After graduating from Fordham University in 2001 with a concentration in Finance, he has achieved success in his own career at a young age, landing a position with the General Motors Asset Management, which is one of the most highly regarded investors in venture capital and private equity. As an Investment Analyst in a small group that invests a portfolio of $6 billion, he has learned from seasoned investment professionals and entrepreneurs what it takes to follow your aspirations and be successful.

He also has an extensive track record of working with students. Last year, Charlie collaborated with Fordham University’s career planning and alumni relations groups to create the school’s first student-alumni mentoring program targeted at matching recent alumni with freshmen and sophomores. Over 50 pairs took part across various fields of interest. The program was inspired by Charlie’s experience as a board member, mentor, and speaker for NYSSA’s SEMI program, which is a New York City based program targeted at rising juniors and seniors majoring in Finance. In addition to working on these mentoring programs, he ran General Motors Asset Management’s summer internship program in 2002 and 2003.

At the moment, Charlie is writing a book aimed at helping college freshmen take the right first steps towards pursuing their interests and walking “the path” that will take them to eventual success. He hopes that this website can be an interactive compliment to that project, and perhaps a way to help spread the book’s message when it finally hits the shelves.

If you have an interest in having Charlie come speak at your school, to a single club or to a wider audience, do not hesitate to drop an e-mail. He has extensive experience talking to students in the NYC area and is very interested in building up his exposure.


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